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Tuesday, March 29th 2005

9:59 AM

PICK YOUR POISON by Leann Sweeney

Pick Your Poison is a witty mystery set in Texas with a surprising twist.  Adopted twins, Kate and Abby Rose, have just lost their father and are faced with decisions of consolidating his estate when their gardener is murdered.  Abby is divorced, confident and curious, but has no clue as to the direction her life should take.  With time on her hands Abby starts asking questions about her gardener’s murder.  Guilt of having not gotten to know him during his short employment with her family pushes her to ask questions.  Her questions lead to snooping, irresponsible meddling, and butting heads with an attractive Houston detective.  Her escapades and questions lead her to learn more about the sometimes shady world of private adoption and shocking revelations about her own past.   The present however is more treating.  In the end Abby escapes her brush with death, solves the crime and sets her mind on a career path.


With the characters and the profession set in place at the end of the story Leann Sweeney sets us up for what is sure to be an exciting series.  I can imagine all kinds of cases Abby could involve herself in.  Half way through the book I was sure (as I yawned) I thought I had the love triangle figured out.  As I ended the book I was pretty confident Sweeney was going to leave the bumbling girl detective-two handsome men scenario to others and give me a new and interesting heroine to follow.   Although Sweeney has Abby bumble quite a bit I was pleased to see Abby used personal effects, the internet and newspaper sources to assist in tracking down keys to the gardeners past.  Now that I know who Abby Rose is, a little about her past and what the future holds for her I’d like to see Sweeney have her pursue the world of existing sources to track down her suspect.  What can I say, I love libraries, genealogies and document digging.   Pick Your Poison had a good story,  interesting characters and a twist I didn’t see coming.  I look forward to reading Sweeney’s new book A Wedding to Die For and others in the Yellow Rose Mystery series.  


PICK YOUR POISON by Leann Sweeney.  2003  Signet Book.  ISBN 045121031X


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