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Tuesday, June 8th 2004

5:28 AM


I am currently in the middle of Marcia Muller's Listen to the Silence, 2000. However, my husband picked it up first and has been reading the book as well. His interest was peaked when he noted the book's settings---California and Northwestern Montana. The land of his boyhood, Flathead County Montana is the area Muller's Sharon McCone searches for the truth about her family and it's past.

McCone a private investigator puts her other cases on hold to dig up her own roots. McCone uses all her interviewing skills and skillfully talks with the living to find the dead. But she realizes something many genealogists do not-----that, often the solution is not in what the living say, but what they DON'T say. How many of us have come up against a resistant relative that just didn't want to give us the whole story or no story at all. McCone developed the technique of listening to the silence between the words of her relatives. Finding the holes in our research is often where the answer to where our ancestors and/or living relatives are hiding out.

This is becoming a fun read. I only wish I had the full force of a detective agency behind my search for the past! This gal is able to fly anywhere anytime she wants or drive up the coast to talk with a genealogists with leads. So far Sharon McCone has taken advantage of all the home sources at her disposal. Good detective that she is she has even used old canceled check to get a lead! I look forward to reading more to see if she gets into Indian records to find answers to her Shoshone past.

I'm only half way through. Muller writes a quick story and has no unnecessary descriptions. The action happens quickly and the story has twists and turns. I think I know where the mystery ends, but I'm enjoying the search. I'm hitting the pool this afternoon and hope to get most of the way finished. Then I may move on to Muller's other mysteries!  Ahhhh….but the pile of unread genealogy mysteries are calling my name and waiting to be listed for you to read! Check back soon for more comments on other books! Thanks for stopping in to hear my latest ramblings. Christine

June 9th

Well, one afternoon later and too much sun from yesterdays pool outing I am almost finished with Listen to the Silence. Now it's turned into a "who done it" with McCone still searching for her recent past and her ancestors. The book takes a twist in the middle which adds extra intrigue. McCone's past becomes entwined with the history of an old town. The towns past seams to be a major key to help her solve both her questions about her heritage and the "who done it". The book has been worth the read. Pick it up at your local library or do what I did-order a cheap used paper back at Amazon.com. Use the link under my Genealogy Fiction page and find the book by Muller. Amazon let's you know how many new and used they have.

I'll finish this book today and have others to read and review. Watch in the next couple of days for a new book review and more genealogy fiction added to the list. Thanks for stopping bye. Christine


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