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Christine McCreedy

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Christine McCreedy created Christine's Book List in April of 2004. She promotes and reviews fiction with genealogical and historical themes. She is a part-time school librarian, holds a Ph.D. in degree in forestry and lives in Southern Indiana with her husband and daughter. When she is not reading or working on her book list you will find her playing with her family, sitting on her deck or bird-watching.

Lesa Holstine has a Master's Degree in Library Science, and has been working in public libraries for over 30 years. Originally from Ohio, she lived in Florida for 18 years, and now resides in Arizona.

As a librarian, Lesa reads a little bit of everything, but she prefers mysteries, biographies, and contemporary women's fiction. She tends to read traditional mysteries, cozies or police procedural. Favorite authors include Jonathon King, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Robert B. Parker and Lee Harris.

Lesa joined Christine's Book List in the summer of 2005.

See Lesa's blog at www.nikkishome.blogspot.com for other comments about books.
Name: Christine McCreedy <www.christinesbooklist@yahoo.com>

Age: 15 Years Old (6/8/2004)
Location: United States